Beginner's Tack-On Game

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Beginner's Tack-On Game

Post by Pixels on Sun Oct 14, 2012 6:57 pm

This is the Beginner's Tack-On Game.

The idea of the game is that a person will begin by creating a thread and submitting a video of a single trick with a breakdown. The next person will submit a second trick with a video an breakdown. The result is that a combo is formed, and people may have to learn new tricks to stay in the game. A round lasts until 72 hours passes since the last submission, at which time the last submitter is declared the winner and may post a new starting trick. This is the same idea as the advanced game, however it also has some restrictions to make it easier for beginners to play.

(Credits to LordBojo for inventing the Tack-On Game in UPS

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1) To start a game you must post a single trick with video and breakdown. The first game may be started by anyone, and after that the winner is allowed to start a new game.

2) Videos must be performed by you and tricks must be distinguishable.

3) No insanely hard, off the top tricks (ie. TS 10.0, ect.) that are impossible to recreate. The tricks must also conform to the trick restrictions as listed below. Likewise please try not to use the same tricks over and over, make it interesting.

4) Once a video goes unchallenged (no one submits) for 72 hours, the person whom made the last video is declared the winner. This person is allowed to start a new game.

5) Only Single Tricks may be added, no combos such as K4LC, Rev to Bak, ect. Named hybrids are not allowed either (ie. Fake Double, Devil's Sonic, Counters, ect.)

6) Regarding Hybrid use in tacking: The use of Hybrids/Interrupted tricks is allowed, however you must add the interruption to the last trick performed, and use the new hybrid notation. For example you may add ~> IA to a TA, to create a fake double. You may not add a complete hybrid such as fake double, counters, demon's/devils ect. if it has a name or not. You may only add hybrids after the designated time in the trick restrictions below.

7) Eburt will be serving as moderator and ref of the Tack-On games. Please have fun, and make some interesting combos!

================================================== =============

Trick Restrictions:

Tricks 1-5: Only fundamentals and their reverse variations. Infinities are also allowed (for the purpose of tack-on consider infinities to be a single trick, rather than a combo.) Spins of only up to 1.0. Only 2 repeated moves.

Tricks 6-10: Other variations of above allowed (FL, inverse, moonwalk, ect.). Twisted Sonics and spins up to 1.5 allowed. Arounds on other fingers also allowed.

Tricks 11-15: Shadows, BackArounds, NeoBacks allowed. Hybrids allowed. Only 3 repeated moves allowed.

Tricks 16-20: Spins up to 2.0 allowed. All tricks in spin, infinity, pass, charge, sonic and around families allowed. Only 4 repeated moves.

Tricks 21-25: Continuous tricks allowed. Only 5 Repeated moves.

Tricks 26-30: Named hybrids allowed, as in advanced tack on game. Spins up to 2.5 allowed. Only 6 repeated moves.

Tricks 31+: No restrictions. Game is played as if it were advanced tack-on.

================================================== =============
(Credits to Eburt for the above post)

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