Trading Rules

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Trading Rules

Post by x3silver on Mon Oct 15, 2012 7:34 am

NOTE: Anyone who breaks these trading rules will receive a warning on the first offence and infractions on subsequent offences.

1.) Unless giveaway/auction, only the original poster/owner of the trade thread are allowed to bump and post in threads.
2.) All trades and trade questions will be done through PM only. No discussion in the actual thread since that needlessly bumps threads. If PM doesn't work for some reason, leave a Visitor Message instead.
3.) Same as before, bumps are only allowed after 72 hours (3 days). However, Bumps are allowed on auctions once a week (7 days) and on the day the auction ends.
4.) One trade thread AND one giveaway/auction thread per person. It there is more than 1 thread of the same type, it will be merged and the other thread deleted.
5.) Giveaway/auction thread must be separated from trade thread.
6.) Once a deal between both parties are negotiated, you must follow through with that trade.
7.) Any trader with online store that's Independent cannot receive or give feedback regardless if it was for sale/trade. If service or communication is done through SGPSC and the shop has a thread, negative feedback is allowed but not positive. Inactive shops on SGPSC such as PDS you cannot leave positive or negative.
8.) Do not make extra threads just for other unrelated items. If needed, merge it with your existing main trading thread.

This gives everyone a fair chance to be on top of the trading section.

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