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Serious Discussion Forum Rules

1. The serious discussion forum was created as a counterpart to the Spammer’s Bin. Topics posted here will be serious; however, this should not be misinterpreted as controversial. Serious topics should be thought of as subjects where multiple plausible viewpoints are possible. The purpose of serious discussion is twofold.

Firstly, it provides a respite from posts without content. If you prefer a balance between levity and seriousness, you will undoubtedly take a liking to this forum. Secondly, and more importantly, it encourages intelligent thought. By engaging in intellectual discussion, independent thinkers become better at formulating ideas. Clear expression is a skill that cannot be taught, only sharpened through practice. Also, discussing topics in earnest can help clarify your own viewpoints.

2. All interested members are encouraged to participate. While your opinions may be criticized or opposed, you should not let this prevent you from taking part. This is not exclusively a debate forum. If you provide an argument, you are not obliged to defend it, although it is encouraged.

3. There is no flaming or belittling allowed in this forum. If you disagree with someone’s opinions, then attack the opinion, not the person.

4. There is a zero-tolerance policy for spam in this forum. If your post does not contribute to the discussion in any way, then it is spam. In such case, a moderator will append a notice to your post and you will have 24 hours to edit it, or else it will be removed.

5. Although this is a serious discussion forum, not all topics are permitted. These include, but are not limited to: politics, religion, racism/bigotry, and sexism. Additionally, you are not allowed to form or defend arguments based on these aspects due to their volatile nature. If you are religious or political, for example, you can’t use these as bases for your argument. The purpose here is not to restrict free speech but to prevent unnecessary confrontations.

6. Posts do not have to be long or involve perfect grammar and spelling, but they should at least be coherent. I will be moderating all discussions to make sure they remain on track.

7. This is NOT a place for arguments. This is for DISCUSSION. If you have a steadfast opinion, feel free to back it up, but if you're unwaivering then back-and-forth bickering is not acceptable.

8. Note: This is not simply the off-topic forum. Topics you create should involve serious back-and-forth discussion.

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