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Off Topic Policy

Post by x3silver on Mon Oct 15, 2012 9:12 am

Off Topic Policy

Use the off-topic section to post semi-serious/serious threads with a discussable topic. Use the Spammer's Bin to post anything else, which includes random spam threads and potentially offensive ones. Use the Serious Discussion thread if you want to discuss a topic in a moderated way.

If the topic is controversial and/or may offend certain people, post it in the Spammer's Bin.

Posting spam threads in the Off-topic section is punishable by warning. _ONLY_ post them in the Spammer's Bin.

If a thread becomes inappropriate, it may be moved to the Spammer's Bin and if it is inappropriate even there, it will be closed.

The Spammer's Bin is not viewable by guests.


The non-PS related section IS moderated.

While we will tolerate spamming / double-posting to a certain extent, please refrain from posting flaming, discriminatory remarks, shocking / pornographic content and illegal material.

You can be warned in this section just like the rest of the forum.

Abuse of forum features such as mentions and quote notifications will be punished, regardless of the source of the infraction (even Spammer's Bin).

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