Usage of Advanced Linkages, Combos Thread

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Usage of Advanced Linkages, Combos Thread

Post by Pixels on Sun Oct 14, 2012 10:24 pm

This is to ensure minimal redundant threads. (adapted from upsb)

Did you just do something and you're not sure what it is? Or do you think you invented a new trick?
Chances are, you did NOT make a new trick. Since the introduction of the Interrupted Notation system, everything you can think of is probably a hybrid of some sort. To be sure, please check the What am I doing? thread.

Are you wondering what tricks to learn next? Or if there is some kind of learning order? Any specific family of tricks you're interested in but don't know where to start?
There is no learning order. Everyone has their own opinion on what's easy and what's hard. But if you want to have some feedback, please do visit the What should I do next/Learning order thread.

Are you stuck on how to get better in spinning overall? Feel like you're stuck on a plateau? Or wondering how you can spin more fluently or smoothly?
Please visit the How to better Anything to ask for feedback on how to improve your spinning.

Do you need help with making a combo? Want to share a combo?
Please visit the Combo thread. You can also find inspiration at the Breakdown Requests.

If you feel like none of these threads answered your question, you may go ahead and post a thread.

Thank you for reading this and happy spinning!

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